Belt Wrap

  • $23.00

The Belt Wrap comes in 3 different sizes depending on what kind of belt you wear. Each belt wrap comes attached to your choice of sheath.

Do you wear a regular everyday dress belt? The first size option perfectly fits most dress belts up to 1.25".

Do you wear a gun belt? Choose the middle option in the "size" drop down menu for gun belts up to 1.5".

Do you wear a larger Duty belt? Choose the last option in the "size" drop down menu for duty belts up to 1.75".

A very low-line, less detectable, and secure form of belt carry. Provides for adjustable draw angle. Lefty compatible.

Works with any Handmade Hideaway sheath. Belt sheath purchase not required. Comes attached to your choice of sheath.

Choose your sheath from the drop down menu at the top.

Left-handed? Email us to let us know to send you a left-handed belt wrap. Please include your order number. Click here for our contact information.