Bra Clip

  • $22.00

Comes attached to your choice of handmade kydex sheath!

The Bra Clip is an alligator clip / suspender clip with a "fang". Very stable attachment point for a "neck" knife. This will make XY types wish they had to wear a bra! Also can attach to the inside of jacket or vest.

The latest addition to the Sheaths models offered is the "Bro Clip". Essentially, this is a suspender clip with a FANG on it. Much more secure than your traditional suspender clips. I had been using these with sheaths for bra-attachment.

My sheathmaker Ken Brock figured out a way to make the Bra Clip something that wouldn't need a separate sheath for it. This makes it much lower cost, and attaches on to any Hideaway sheath!