Bra Clip

  • $22.00

This Bra Clip with attached sheath works with any of our custom fitted Hidden Knives!

Comes attached to your choice of handmade kydex sheath.

The Bra Clip is an alligator clip / suspender clip with a "fang". Very stable attachment point for a "neck" knife. This will make XY types wish they had to wear a bra! Also can attach to the inside of jacket or vest.

The latest addition to the Sheaths models offered is the "Bro Clip". Essentially, this is a suspender clip with a FANG on it. Much more secure than your traditional suspender clips. I had been using these with sheaths for bra-attachment.

My sheath maker Ken Brock figured out a way to make the Bra Clip something that wouldn't need a separate sheath for it. This makes it much lower cost, and attaches on to any Hideaway sheath!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Paul DiPierro
Very Versatile

I actually use these to clip the sheath to the inside of my pocket. Many other uses as well.

Johann Bogisich

Nice product, fits perfectly. Very stable and secure. Highly recommended

Sheldon Legros

What a great item ! Perfect if you have issues with straps falling off your shoulders when walking / exercising

LIsa Kuphal

Big fan of this clip, it makes a great EDC option if you plan on carrying your knife around for everyday use.

Dalida Kovacek

This clip is my favorite carry option. Arrived fast and came just as described. Thank you