Damascus Talon Ankle Knife

  • $159.00


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A hand-crafted Hideaway Talon ankle knife made with Damascus steel, cord-wrapped in hollowed black paracord.

A 1.99" curved blade makes for a quick and deadly multi-purpose knife. Great for slashing. Better for concealing.

Each knife purchase comes with a handmade Kydex sheath molded specifically for that very knife.

The Talon sheath is designed to attach to an ankle strap, allowing the knife to be covertly attached to your person for a quick draw.

The Damascus Talon ankle knife is heat treated to Rockwell 60.

You will also receive a HAK Knife Kit, as well as a few surprise freebies here and there.

HAK Knife Kit includes:

1 Ballchain Necklace Sheath Attachment.

1 Knife and sheath polish.

1 Handle-wrapping paracord kit with [colors] cord wraps to choose from.

2 Black self locking zip ties.

1 Measuring strip and size guide.

1 Micro absorbent band-aide.