S30V Polished Straight

  • $189.00

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A hand-crafted Hideaway Utility Straight Knife made with S30V steel, polished, and cord-wrapped in hollowed black paracord.

The straight is the most popular model as it provides both utilitarian (opening boxes, cutting vines) and self-defense benefits.

A 1.99" straight blade makes for a quick and deadly multi-purpose knife. Great for self defence. Better for concealing.

Every knife is professionally hand sharpened at an angle of 19 degrees for a razor sharp edge.

Each Straight knife purchase comes with a handmade, Kydex sheath molded specifically for that very knife, absolutely free.

You will also receive a HAK Knife Kit, as well as a few surprise freebies here and there.

HAK Knife Kit includes:

  • Ballchain Necklace Sheath Attachment.
  • Knife and sheath polish.
  • Handle-wrapping paracord kit with [colors] cord wraps to choose from.
  • 2 Black self locking zip ties.
  • Measuring strip and size guide.
  • Micro absorbent band-aide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Stacy Kunde

very high quality. Nice little EDC.

Mariane Ratke

It's very small, otherwise pretty damn good

Libby Spinka

Slightly shallow, it's difficult to look in your pocket, but if as a keychain, then excellent!

Verdie Doyle

This is a great little upgraded version of the 440c Straights. Same model but with this steel it keeps an edge for much longer and I don't have to worry about rust. For me I think its worth the extra $100 for a high quality edc knife!

Jennifer Hintz

The edge is pretty sharp and the knife is of a beautiful quality. Great piece!