Innovative Applications

Below are photos showing all the following applications. First, a few thoughts on each:

The form factor of the HideAway makes it ultra-concealable. You have all the blade length found in other common self-defense knives, but in a much smaller package.

I keep 6 HideAways: One on my key chain, one behind my ID badge, one on neck / belt combo sheath, and one on the side of my nightstand, one in my car, and my titanium HideAway in the shower.

1. On a key chain.

Key chain carry is one method that someone who is not used to on-body carry of a defensive weapon can more easily accept. Plus you have the extra benefit of it always being there, very close by, when you are walking to your car with your keys in your hand. HideAway key chain carry is independent of what you are wearing, and dependent on having your keys close by. If a situation's threat level increased, the HideAway can be "worn" with almost complete dexterity of fingers for unlocking a car door, etc. The HideAway weighs 1 ounce.

Innovative Applications 1

2. Neck knife with a Photon microlight attachment

Good combo for an emergency situation

3. Behind an ID badge

Your photo ID badge is in front, and the sheathed HideAway is behind it.

4. On a belt

The drawstroke mechanics of drawing a HideAway from belt carry will be familiar to those used to drawing a gun from belt carry.

5. While holding a flashlight

You can hold something else like a flashlight in your hand, or have it free to block a blow or balance yourself.

6. Paratrooper gear

Example of when you need a knife, but dropping one would be a really bad thing.

7. Hideaway Wallet

The Hideaway Wallet by Civilian Labs fits all of our Straight knives and Tiger Claws perfectly.

Wallet Backside Open

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